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17 April 2017



1) “Doctor Who’s New Season Starts Off With a Dose of…Douglas Adams?” by Charlie Jane Anders

“Douglas Adams is best known for writing Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but the author is also a major figure in the history of Doctor Who. He wrote or co-wrote three classic stories, including the beloved “City of Death,” and he also oversaw the show’s scripts for a year. The relationship makes sense: His tongue-in-cheek approach is perfect for a TV show about an alien with a time machine and no social skills. And given that this season of Doctor Who seems to be going for a lighter touch after some intense darkness, it’s fitting that the season opener is a bit of an Adams tribute.”

2) “Doctor Who’s New Spin-Off Goes Places the Doctor Can’t”

“PATRICK NESS DIDN’T want to write for Doctor Who. The author was a fan of the iconic sci-fi show, sure, but when the BBC approached him about penning an episode, he declined. He felt like he’d been writing for other people for a while and was looking to do something “entirely my own.” Lucky for Ness, the BBC needed that too. They wanted a Who spin-off; he gave them Class.”

3) If you like dictionaries, this is a fun read. “‘Sonic Screwdriver’ Breaks Time and Space in Order to Be Added to the Oxford English Dictionary” by Katharine Trendacosta

“If you were to come up with words from Doctor Who that might inspire someone watching for the first time to grab a dictionary, what would they be? (I mean, pretend you’d run to a dictionary and not just Google it and be directed to a shockingly in-depth entry on a fan wiki.) TARDIS, right? Dalek, maybe? Cyberman?”

4) “In the New Outlander Trailer, Life Goes On After a Heartrending Separation Through Time” by Katharine Trendacosta

“As is traditional for this show (so far), the third season of Outlander will (mostly) follow the third book in Diana Gabaldon’ series, Voyager. And last night, Starz gave us a glimpse of what that will look like thank to this new trailer. Spoiler alert: pining, separation, and sadness.”


5) A look behind the scenes: “Here’s what Rogue One’s Princess Leia looked like without the CGI” by Trent Moore

“Even though it’s obviously a different actress, it’s still surreal to see a young, Carrie Fisher-esque woman sporting the classic outfit standing on those classic sets. It just shows the amount of detail the creative team went into to recreate the feel of A New Hope, for better or for worse (depending on how you felt about the CGI Leia twist)”

6) “Amazon’s Oasis Pilot: Thoughtful SF That Deserves a Series” by Alasdair Stuart

“There’s a point early on in Oasis, one of the contenders in Amazon’s new pilot season, which grounds the episode perfectly: Peter Leigh, a recently widowed priest with some serious concerns about his future in the church, has been functionally drafted onto the next mission to Oasis, the first interstellar colony. He has nothing left on Earth, so he agrees to go.”

7) “James Gunn Will Return to Write and Direct Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” by Katharine Trendacosta

“This is a good news, but we still have a while to wait before the next movie. And it also sounds like we should be prepping for a whole new team to emerge after that third movie—which seems about right for most of these contracts, with everyone slated to appear in the Guardians movies and Infinity War.”

8) If you’re a Star Wars fan, the comments are an interesting read. “What’s Going On In the Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer?” by Emily Asher-Perrin

“There are aspects of the trailer that everyone was expecting: Rey is clearly being trained by Luke as evidenced by their dialogue within the trailer, and the multitude of shots featuring her on the island that she tracked him to at the end of The Force Awakens. We see plenty of space battles, showing the Resistance forces butting heads with the First Order. We get a glimpse of Finn in recovery, and Poe being his dashing pilot self with BB-8 in tow. We see Leia at a war room table, surveying the field.”


9) “Which Books Would You Add to the Arctic Doomsday Vault?” by Stubby the Rocket

“You may already know about the Svalbard Global Seed Vault—referred to by some as the “Arctic Doomsday Vault”—a secure seed bank located in a remote area of Norway, within the Arctic Circle. Since 2008, the Seed Vault has collected nearly a million samples of crop seeds from gene banks around the world, acting as a backup system in the event of a major regional or global catastrophe.”

10) This is a little different from our usual articles. It is an engaging read about gender stereotypes. “Hero Within sparks conversation about Wonder Woman fashion items for men” by Lisa Granshaw

Cora's Geek News: 17 April 2017 (Denim Jacket by Hero WIthin)

Denim Jacket by Hero Within

“For those who want more superhero style in their warm weather wardrobe, fashion company Hero Within recently released a new licensed DC Comics collection that includes pieces you can wear both casually and professionally to show your passion for DC’s heroes. . . . The line is comprised of four woven short sleeve shirts featuring Batman, Wonder Woman and the Justice League as well as a Wonder Woman denim jacket. The woven shirts are available for preorder for $39 and the denim jacket is available for preorder for $109.”

11) Warning, there are spoilers. “What the live-action Ghost in the Shell movie gets fundamentally wrong about Ghost in the Shell” by Michelle Villanueva

“The live-action version of Ghost in the Shell is the latest rendition of the celebrated manga and anime franchise which has entertained audiences since 1989. Although the movie has many callbacks to the original, it lacks many of the themes and details which made the original so beloved among anime and sci-fi fans.”

12) This sounds interesting and the art work is lovely: “Revealing the Cover for Greg Manchess’ Fully Illustrated Novel Above the Timberline”

“When people kept asking about the story behind the painting—who is he? who is he looking for?—Manchess said that ‘I found my answers coalescing into an adventure tale that surprised me as well. Much storytelling had built up inside and I let all of it out. It was fascinating to watch my character do things I hadn’t expected. I had general ideas about why he was out there, but it took several years to find out. Interestingly, drawing the images guided me. To find my story, I would sketch each day to figure out what he was doing. I found his story through the pictures. It was an endlessly enjoyable process. It never got burdensome.’”

13) Calling all knitters. There’s even a pattern. Enjoy. “Create Your Own Lovecraft Horror: Knitting the Great Race of Yith” by Ruthanna Emrys and Samantha Lynn

“If you’re fond of Lovecraftian critters, you can easily obtain a plush Nyarlathotep, shoggoth, or Hound of Tindalos. You can get Cthulhu Itself in whatever color, size, and outfit floats your boat. Even the elder things occasionally rear their five-lobed bodies. But the Great Race of Yith—my very favorite body-snatching librarians—are impossible to find.”


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