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11 December 2017

Poster for Star Wars: The Last Jedi

1) "See the Downfall of Dragons and the History of the Dragonpit in this Animated Game of Thrones Featurette" by James Whitbrook "The longer Game of Thrones has gone on, the more and more it’s plunged into the nitty-gritty of George R.R. Martin’s fantastical setting and its most obscure concepts—so it’s good that HBO’s home

4 December 2017

Illustration of the graphic novel "The Umbrella Academy"

1) "6 Sci-Fi and Fantasy TV Shows That Should Be on Your Radar" by Michael Senft "Don’t worry, though. Winter isn’t coming to sci-fi and fantasy TV. There's a wealth of programs on the horizon to fill the dragon-sized hole that Game of Thrones occupies. We're already seeing some pop up, like the recent Charlaine

27 November 2017

The Book of Dust book cover

For many, 2017 hasn't exactly been a fun year. Yeah, I fall into that group. This year there's been upheavals and change for me. I took a much needed break from blogging and putting together Geek News. It turns out I've missed doing both the blog posts and Geek News. I'm back. Yay! There's one

28 August 2017

1) "Orlando Bloom to Star in Amazon Drama Series Carnival Row" by Elise Sandburg "Carnival Row will feature mythical creatures who have fled their war-torn homeland and gathered in the city as tensions are simmering between citizens and the growing immigrant population. At the center of the drama is the investigation of a string of

14 August 2017

image of "The Obelisk Gate" book cover

1) This article includes a full list of Winners and nominees. "Women swept nearly every category at the 2017 Hugo Awards" by Andrew Liptak "The Best Novel Hugo went to N.K. Jemisin, for The Obelisk Gate, a novel set in the midst of a magical apocalypse. It’s also the sequel to The Fifth Season, which

7 August 2017

    1) "Stephen King's The Dark Tower review: A TV pilot that belongs in a Middling-World" by Michael Phillips https://youtu.be/GjwfqXTebIY "Is the movie good enough to do what it’s designed to do? Not really. It’s designed as a launching pad for a “Dark Tower” television series, scheduled to star Elba and Taylor. So this