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“The 100”: My Pick for the Best Sci Fi on TV

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Why? For me, it’s the best, but I realize there are differences of opinion. I came to The 100 late. I missed the first season because I thought the previews looked ho-um. I watched the first season on Netflix, and by episode three, I was hooked. I haven’t read the books, but I’m considering reading

6 Videos That Reveal the Mysteries of Steampunk

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When I think of Steampunk, I think of books and films, but Steampunk is so much more. It's a sub-culture that allows creativity in many areas. This is a collection of Steampunk shorts. The key to most of these is re-imagining and re-creating what might have been or what could have been. I like the

Fathers of Steampunk

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Cards? Gifts? Outings? Giving appreciation to the men who made our lives possible is definitely the theme of the day. When I was a kid, I’d make my dad a card and buy him a yellow shirt. He had blue eyes and somewhere, somehow, I decided that yellow matched his eyes. Weird? Yeah, but I

2 Reasons We Love Steampunk

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Steampunk began in the 1970s with science fiction novels set in Victorian London, but the seeds for this style were planted years before. Now, more than thirty years later, Steampunk has become a diverse cultural movement. The Victorian/Edwardian aesthetics pervade not only books, but film, fashion, art, design, handcrafted inventions, and more. Something about that

Steampunk: Your Ticket to Adventure and Fun

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Let's go on an adventure and explore the world of Steampunk. I came to Steampunk late. I've enjoyed it since I was a kid. Of course back then, there really wasn't Steampunk. What I liked was pre-Steampunk books and films. As an adult, I decided this type of fiction could be described as Jules Verne