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Eastern Dragons: Auspicious, Wise, and Powerful (Part IV of the Dragon Series)

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While traditional European dragons are evil monsters, hoarders, and kidnappers of beautiful young maidens, Eastern dragons are considered auspicious, wise, and powerful as well as bringers of good fortune. The red dragon dancing through the streets on Chinese New Year, scaring away evil spirits and searching for wisdom and knowledge, illustrates the nature of Eastern

European Dragons: Fearsome, Lovable, and Awe-Inspiring (Part III of the Dragon Series)

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Traditionally European or Western dragons are evil, firing breathing creatures who hoard riches and capture fair maidens. They, of course, must be killed. J. R .R. Tolkien's Smaug is a quintessential example.  There are always exceptions to the evil rule: Welsh red dragon, representing the Welsh people and foretelling the coming of King Arthur,  and

Dragons: I Wished They Were Real!

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I remember when my fascination with dragons started. I was in fourth grade.  Mrs. Coats, my teacher, read aloud a version of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Something in that book caught my imagination, and I was hooked. For a while, I became obsessed with dragons. Deciding they were probably some

Morgan Freeman

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  I just found this video and love it. It makes me giggle and smile. Morgan Freeman is ubiquitous and yet he manages to be extraordinary. His leagacy is extensive and his voice is everywhere. Zefrank1 at YouTube captures this perfectly. He makes some fun, thoughtful, and interesting videos. Check out his stuff. http://youtu.be/Ch5MEJk5ZCQ