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Why Are YA Stories, Dystopias, and Superheroes Popular? Part 3

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Mainstream critics often disparage superhero stories as escape literature, superficial entertainment versus literature that tells us about the human condition. Are these stories superficial? Maybe. Maybe not. They are often exciting adventure stories. On the surface, they appear to be pure escapism, having little to do with reality. After all, humans can’t fly or turn

What Is Speculative Fiction?

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A week or so ago, my daughter asked, "What's speculative fiction?" She wasn't exactly sure, and I had to reshape my definition a couple of times before she said, "Oh, I get it." That started me thinking. Since my site's subtitle is Exploring Speculative Fiction, and there are people who don't know the term, I'd

Spring Is Here: We Need a Poem

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It's spring. Everything is blooming and splashing color in celebration. Leave your computers, and go outside to drink in the beauty. A. E. Housman's poem says it better than I:   Loveliest of Trees, The Cherry Now Loveliest of trees, the cherry now Is hung with bloom along the bough, And stands about the woodland