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Dragon Speakers: A YA Fantasy Novel

Coming This Summer!

I have been working on Dragon Speakers for several years, and I’m excited that this young adult fantasy is finally being published this summer.

What’s it about?

Gwendolyn of Longsteen thinks she controls her fate. She speaks and those around her rush to do her bidding. For her, life is simple. Her destiny rolls out before her as if planned from the beginning of time. Her feet are planted in reality. She thinks she knows what is real and what is not, but she knows little of life outside the castle.

Someday she will be queen and command all the land. Her people are happy, and they love her.

When she was a child, she sat upon her father’s knees, and he told her these things. She believed him. Her duty is to her father and to her people. Yet, sometimes, her mind questions her father’s words. She wonders if things are what they seem. Dreadful secrets, like rats in the night, flash by and scurry into the shadows.

In the sea of people who live in the castle, there are three she trusts: Sir Philip, her teacher, Risby, her best friend, and Sapphire, her stepsister.

Sir Philip is good and kind; like a loving uncle, he watches over her. Sapphire is smart and trustworthy, closer than a real sister. Risby is both serious and playful, and although unsure of himself, he would give his life for her.

Something that none of them can foresee is coming to Aroc. In one day, their lives will change forever. Gwendolyn’s foundation will shake, and she will question what is real and what is not. She will be asked to choose a new destiny. One path holds everything she knows and has planned for; the other leads to the unknown. Duty will call, but her heart will be drawn toward a fantasy.

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