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Buy Now! Fortinbras: A Novella (The Fortinbras Files)

Fortinbras has one aim in life, revenge. When he was ten years old, he swore an oath to kill the man who murdered his family. He’s given up everything, including love, to pursue his goal. The only thing he has left is Orange Hope, the town he protects.

In this dystopian, action novella, 22nd century earth isn’t advanced or civilized. The ravages of natural and human disasters have destroyed governments and societies. There is little left for the few people who struggle to stay alive. When an invasion threatens to destroy Orange Hope, Fortinbras moves to protect his town. He’s committed to the fight, but can he save the town? He’s willing to give his life, but the cost might be higher than he realizes . . .

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Buy Now: Justice (A Fortinbras Short Story)

A young assassin trained to kill with precision, Fortinbras hasn’t been tested in the savage world of the 22nd century.

In this dystopian short story, earth’s few survivors struggle to stay alive and carve out a better life. The fortunate ones live in communities or small towns. When a barbaric attack threatens the town of Orange Hope, Fortinbras and his two friends hunt the killers.

Armed with expert training and youthful confidence, they ride off to face the heartless murderers. Their success will keep their town safe. Their failure will be the end of Orange Hope.


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