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Cora Foerstner: Writer, Blogger, and Geeky Lady

You might be wondering who I am, or you might not be wondering anything at all. If the latter, I’m curious as to why you clicked the link to this page?

I’m pretty much a geeky lady, who loves fantasy and science fiction in all their form. I started this blog because of that love.

When I’m not blogging, I wile away the hours writing fantasy and science fiction novels and novella. I’m not very good at short stories. My story stories tend to grow into books. Most of my writing starts out in reality and somehow takes a turn toward the fantastical. I’m basically curious about everything, which often leads me to “what if?” questions. So, most of my story ideas start with reality and wonder off in other directions.

I’ve always loved stories, especially fantasy and science fiction stories. Before I could write, I told stories to anyone who would listen. After I learned to write, I filled a lot of notebooks scribbling and storytelling.

Some odd facts about me: For ten years, I lived in South America; I love to travel by train; I’m a big World of Warcraft geek. On the Alliance side, my main is a mage. On the Horde side, my main is a hunter. Plus, I have too many alts I’m leveling up, not sure what I was thinking.

The Blog: It’s for Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans

This blog is for people who love the wonder and magic of other worlds, myths, characters, possibilities, and all the “what ifs” of the imagination. My kind of stories are filled with action and adventure, love and romance, good and evil, gray areas and ambiguity.

So if you are interested in or are a fan of fantasy, science fiction, comics, books, movies, or even games, this blog is for you. If you’d like to get weekly news about science fiction and fantasy, join Cora’s Geek New, a weekly newsletter about current news in the science fiction and fantasy world.

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Let me do the work for you.

If you like fantasy and science fiction movies, TV shows, books, and other sundry things, but don’t have time to find finding current news stories, reviews, and other items to satisfy our geek fix, Cora’s Geek News, a weekly newsletter, will do it for you.

Because there is so much information online, you might miss out on some fun or interesting news about books, tends, TV shows or special, awards. Sometimes the Internet feels overwhelming. Plus, there’s a lot of fluff and nonsense out there too. Finding good fantasy and science fiction news can be challenging.

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Every morning, I sip tea or coffee and visit the main fantasy and science fiction sites. At the end of the week, I put together about twelve of the best items, and on Monday, I send you the best of my findings. You can read at your leisure.