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Cora's Geek News: 20 February 2017

20 February 2017



1) Good news for me, I love His Dark Materials trilogy. “Philip Pullman unveils epic fantasy trilogy The Book of Dust by Donuta Kean

“Philip Pullman has ended years of speculation by announcing that The Book of Dust, an epic fantasy trilogy that will stand alongside his bestselling series, His Dark Materials, will be published in October around the world.

“The as-yet-untitled first volume of The Book of Dust, due out on 19 October, will be set in London and Oxford, with the action running parallel to the His Dark Materials trilogy. A global bestseller since the first volume, Northern Lights, was published in 1995, Pullman’s series has sold more than 17.5m copies and been translated into 40 languages.”

2) “Neil Gaiman announces Neverwhere sequel, The Seven Sisters by David Barnett

“. . . at an event at London’s Southbank Centre this week, Gaiman closed the show by announcing – to rapturous applause – that he’s ‘a solid three chapters’ into the novel and confirmed: ‘So that will be the next book.’

“Gaiman said that he had been prompted to write the sequel both by the changes in the world over the past 20 years and his work with the UN refugee agency (UNHCR). Under the latter’s auspices, he has visited refugee camps in the Middle East and spoken to people displaced by the conflict in Syria.”

3) Feeling stressed? “11 Addictive YA Fantasy Series To Distract You From Real Life” by Sadie L. Trombetta

“Are you fed up with reality and ready to get lost in another world? Check out one of these 13 addicting YA fantasy series so good, they’ll distract you from whatever real life throws at you.”

I recently finished The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo, which are on this list. They are fun reads. Reviews are coming.

Cora's Geek News: 20 February 2017

4) “Microreview [book]: Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman”

“Neil Gaiman has attempted to put some of the blood, humor, and…frankly…just good storytelling back into these ancient tales. And he has succeeded. Just as a test, I told a pair of these version of the Norse myths to my kids around the dinner table just to see what happened, to see if there was any sense of an audience hanging on the edge of their seat to see what happened next or how this was going to go wrong (or right), and they definitely landed. I had a request the next day for more of them, in fact.”


5) Valentine Day has past, but love is still all around. “5 SFF Love Stories About Overcoming a Language Barrier” by Stubby the Rocket

“Communicating with an alien species, reteaching concepts like the meaning of ‘I’ and ‘you,’ making a friend—there are countless selfish and selfless motivations for overcoming a language barrier. But in the five examples below, from a Shakespeare retelling to an interstellar war story that’s equal parts sci-fi and fantasy, these characters discover that building common ground through language creates its own surprising intimacy.”

6) “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency: Comparing the Book and the Show” by Andrew Nighton

“Adams’s two completed and one uncompleted Dirk Gently books take his strange sense of humor even further. Unlike The Hitchhiker’s Guide, they came into existence purely in book form and stayed that way for years. So when BBC America and Netflix decided to adapt Dirk Gently for TV, one thing was on every fan’s mind – how would the show compare with the beloved books?”

7) Star Wars is entering middle age, which means if you remember these toys, you’re getting older. “Hasbro’s 40th Anniversary Star Wars Figures Are an Amazing Throwback” by James Witbrook

Cora's Geek News: 20 February 2017

“The very first Star Wars movie turns 40 in 2017—as are, practically, the toys that have long been intertwined with the franchise. To celebrate 40 years in the galaxy far, far away, Hasbro are breaking out the weaponized nostalgia with an homage to the classic Kenner era of Star Wars toys.

“Unveiled at New York Toy Fair this weekend, a new range of 6” Black Series action figures are being released in packaging inspired by the original Kenner figures releases for A New Hope. Most of the figures have already been released in the Black Series line, so the real appeal for fans here is the very lovely old-school packaging.”

8) “CBS, Paramount Settle Lawsuit Over Star Trek Fan Film” by Eriq Gardner

“Some [fans] were astounded when CBS and Paramount sued after decades of turning a blind eye to fan-made works. But in taking action over Peters’ video, the studios aimed to convey the message that professional-quality ‘derivatives’ of its films and series wouldn’t be tolerated (Paramount released a Star Trek film last summer and CBS has a new Trek series coming to its All Access streaming service due some time this year). Upon widespread concern caused by the lawsuit, the companies put out ‘guidelines’ so fans can stay legally in bounds with amateur productions.”

So, it seems the studios deemed the production professional quality. Sorry, but I’m with the fans, crushing fan art is a mistake. Axanar and Peters problem wasn’t that they were fans, but that they were too good. So fan art has to be unprofessional quality. The studios should have hired them and encouraged their artistic talent.

You can check out the Axanar site and see for yourself.


9) “Best science fiction, fantasy books to read in February” by Everdeen Mason

The list includes these:

Good science fiction & fantasy books to read for February.

10) “Classic and Modern Science Fiction: 20 Authors You Should Be Reading” by Kyle McManus

“To help you find your new favorite modern science-fiction author, we’ve picked 20 of the best with multiple books to their name. While we’ve focused primarily on writers still working today, a couple of our picks are sadly no longer with us – but their fiction is so important to the genre, and their prolific output gives you so much to enjoy, we couldn’t leave them out in good conscience.”

11) Rarity from the Hollow: A Lacy Dawn Adventure by Robert Eggleton” by Charity Rowell-Stansbury

“When Eggleton requested a review of Rarity from the Hollow, I was hesitant to accept. I usually do not read or review books that discuss child abuse or domestic violence; however, I was intrigued by the excerpt and decided to give it a shot. I am glad that I took a risk; otherwise, I would have missed out on a fantastic story with a bright, resourceful, and strong protagonist that grabbed my heart and did not let go. It is not every day that I find a kindred spirit in a book, but I found one in Lacy Dawn! I admired her courage, her imagination, and her intelligence; I could go on for days about the excellent job that Eggleton did in developing Lacy Dawn’s character, but I won’t. What I will say is that even if you do not fully understand her perspective, you will admire her spunk.”

12) Planet Earth II is sci-fi, drama and thriller wrapped in a nature show” by Chris Barton

I hate snakes, so I find this scary. I’m rooting for the iguana! Here’s the video:

Planet Earth II is, at its core, the ultimate thoughtful celebration of life. Yet this frantic chase scene from the forthcoming series, which had the Internet buzzing, is more reminiscent of something out of the Bourne franchise.”

13) “Four climate fiction books for our reading list” by Jennifer Collins

“Science fiction and dystopian genres tend to reflect the deepest anxieties of our times. As global temperatures rise and drought and water scarcity plague certain parts of the planet, it’s little wonder that literature has turned to imagining a future world ravaged by climate change. Climate fiction – or “cli-fi” – has become a hot genre. Here are just a few of the best novels describing our planet in the throes of ecological disaster.”


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