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24 April 2017

I'm excited: American Gods is coming to TV in a week! 1) Make sure and click the link for the interview video with cast and Neil Gaiman "American Gods TV adaptation premiers in Hollywood" "The cast and crew of "American Gods", a new television series based on the Hugo and Nebula Award-winning fantasy novel by

17 April 2017

1) "Doctor Who’s New Season Starts Off With a Dose of…Douglas Adams?" by Charlie Jane Anders "Douglas Adams is best known for writing Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but the author is also a major figure in the history of Doctor Who. He wrote or co-wrote three classic stories, including the beloved “City of Death,”

10 April 2017

There's still a few days left to get your free book from Tor.com's Book Club. Check it out right away; the freebie goes away in a couple of days. 1) "Jeff Goldblum Looks Just as Weird as You Hoped in More New Thor: Ragnarok Photos" by Germain Lussier "So, in addition to International Women’s Day,

3 April 2017

American Gods Poster

1) "Your Guide To Sci-Fi And Fantasy TV Premieres And Returns In April" by John J. Joex "We are now into the Spring season and April kicks off with quite a number of new and returning sci-fi and fantasy shows. Below are the shows currently scheduled, with some more that could join the list as

27 March 2017

Cora's Geek News: 27 March 2017

1) March 25: Tolkien Reading Day "Beyond J.R.R. Tolkien (video)" https://youtu.be/5LElNJ6qLs0 "J.R.R. Tolkien is a towering figure in fantasy literature. The world and characters he created in “The Lord of the Rings” have inspired generations of fans. Tolkien Reading Day (observed on March 25 to commemorate the fall of the evil Sauron!) celebrates his books

20 March 2017

Cora's Geek News: 20 March 2017

FROM THE BLOG "Buffy: the 5 Funniest and the 5 Best Episodes" "Words of Wisdom from J.K. Rowling" "The 100: My Pick for the Best Sci Fi on TV" 1) WARNING: if you are looking forward to seeing this film without any input, skip this article. It's got spoilers a plenty and some harsh criticism