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20 March 2017

Cora's Geek News: 20 March 2017

FROM THE BLOG "Buffy: the 5 Funniest and the 5 Best Episodes" "Words of Wisdom from J.K. Rowling" "The 100: My Pick for the Best Sci Fi on TV" 1) WARNING: if you are looking forward to seeing this film without any input, skip this article. It's got spoilers a plenty and some harsh criticism

6 March 2017

Cora's Geek News: 6 March 2017 Picture of H. G. Wells

Words of Wisdom From J. K. Rowling Cinder: a Fairy Tale with a Twist of Science Fiction Scarlet: Continuing the Lunar Chronicles Cress: the Girl with Lots of Hair Winter: The Lunar Chronicles Finale I was surprised that there were so many articles about old dead guys this week. I kept running across so many,

27 February 2017

Cora's Geek News: 27 February 2017

1) "Realism, Honesty, and Joy: Remembering Bill Paxton" by Alasdair Stuart "Bill Paxton was genre cinema’s Jimmy Stewart: a performer who simply didn’t know how to turn in bad work. If you wanted a character that would show up, react honestly, and push the movie along, you got Paxton. It’s no accident his career involves

20 February 2017

Cora's Geek News: 20 February 2017

1) Good news for me, I love His Dark Materials trilogy. "Philip Pullman unveils epic fantasy trilogy The Book of Dust" by Donuta Kean "Philip Pullman has ended years of speculation by announcing that The Book of Dust, an epic fantasy trilogy that will stand alongside his bestselling series, His Dark Materials, will be published

13 February 2017

Last week I sat down to write Geek News and discovered my website was broken. It was my fault, but needless to say, it was a huge time suck getting it back together. A week later and things are new and shiny. 1) "Terry Pratchett docudrama is a fittingly imaginative tribute to Discworld's genius" by

30 January 2017

1) "Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat quits to be replaced by Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall" by Ben Dowell "Steven Moffat has decided that his “timey wimey” as showrunner of Doctor Who has come to an end and he will step down as the show’s lead writer and executive producer after six series at the helm,