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Words of Wisdom From J. K. Rowling

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In her writing, J. K. Rowling's definitely takes her words to heart. Her villains consistently display their evil side in their treatment their inferiors. Voldemort pretty much badgers everyone, even those who are loyal to him. But there's another villain that makes my skin crawl, Dolores Umbridge; we meet her in Order of the Phoenix.

The Warcraft Movie Scoop

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In two days, the Warcraft movie comes out. Yay! I've probably said this so much that it's news to no one, but I'm geek when it comes to World of Warcraft. I love the game, and I'm looking forward to the movie. Yeah, I know the movie reviews have been bad, but my hope isn't

“The 100”: My Pick for the Best Sci Fi on TV

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Why? For me, it’s the best, but I realize there are differences of opinion. I came to The 100 late. I missed the first season because I thought the previews looked ho-um. I watched the first season on Netflix, and by episode three, I was hooked. I haven’t read the books, but I’m considering reading

Who Started the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Genres?

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A woman! Most people credit Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus Unbound as the first science fiction novel. I'd venture a guess that most people think of early science fiction authors as male and would have guessed that a man started the genre. I'm in the middle of reading Ancillary Justice by Ann

Snooping the Net for Fantasy & SciFi: January 7, 2015

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Yeah, I'm a little late with my New Year wishes but Better late than never, right? I hope your holidays were healthier than mine. I got the cold/flu going around Southern California and was down for the count. I was completely off line for five days!! Needless to say, I was excited when I could