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Cora Foerstner: Writer, Blogger, and Geeky Lady

When Cora Foerstner isn’t writing, she can be found playing World of Warcraft, drinking green smoothies, eating chocolate, doing research on dragons, climate change, the end of the world, and other unsavory subjects.

For someone with pacifist leanings, many of her stories are about fighting, killing, and death. Some people think she’s a little eccentric, which doesn’t bother her in the least. She likes eccentric, difficult people and figures she might as well be one.

Cora voraciously reads everything put in front of her. If she doesn’t know something, she sees that as a perfect opportunity to do research. Of course, the smart-ass in her will try to pretend she knows what she’s talking about. Not knowing something is a perfect opportunity to make something up and write a story about it.

She loves Science fiction, fantasy, mysteries, and young adults novels. Her not so secret vices are coffee, binge watching TV and movies, and daydreaming.

She’s a native California girl through and through. She’s lived in other states and two South American countries, but she always returns to her California roots.

Her writing: You guessed, science fiction and fantasy.

Justice, a short story, and Fortinbras, a novella, will be published in May 2017. Both are dystopian stories set in the future.

Two other novels are schedule to be released in 2017. Dragon Speakers, a YA fantasy novel, and Lost In Los Angeles, a YA steampunk novel.

Cora loves stories and myths, especially those with a fantasy and science fiction slant.

Some odd facts:

  • She lived in South America for ten years;
  • She loves to travel by train;
  • She’s a big World of Warcraft geek: her Alliance fire mage kicks demon butt, and her Horde hunter keeps pace.

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This blog is for people who love the wonder and magic of other worlds, myths, characters, possibilities, and all the “what ifs” of the imagination. Cora loves stories that are filled with action and adventure, love and romance, good and evil, as well as gray areas and ambiguity.

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