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Fantasy: A Brief History (What is Fantasy? Part 2)

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A Brief History of Fantasy (What is Fantasy Part 2)

In the beginning there was Gilgamesh! In "What is Fantasy?" Part 1 post, I dance around the definition of fantasy. Defining fantasy is not as easy as it might seem. Unless, you are taking a test and have to recite a specific answer, most of us come up with our own definition. Another thing that [...]

What Is Fantasy? Part 1

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Love fantasy? Read about the genre. Andy Fairhurst is the artist. Check out his work @andyfairhurst.deviantart.com

When I taught children's and young adult literature classes, I always started the class by defining each discipline. Teaching children’s literature is the more challenging class because children’s literature encompasses preschool through middle school books—infants to 13 years—while YA literature covers 12 to 20 years. The challenge is to give students an overview and understanding [...]

Why Make “The Giver” into a Film?

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A brief review of the book and hopes for the film.

I've been excited about this film. I haven't written a book review because it's been required reading in school almost since it was first published, and most people under 40 and many over 40 have read it. The Giver is one of the few books I'd give a 5 star rating. For many people, this [...]

What Will the World Be Like in 2,000 Years?

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What will the world be like in 4000 CE? Find out!

Does the Future Looks Bright? In Michael J. Sullivan’s book Hollow World, he tells us what the world might look like in 4013. Living in modern day Detroit, Ellis Rogers builds a time machine, finds out he has cancer, and takes off to the future to find a cure and escape domestic troubles and a [...]

What Is the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences? Adventure Anyone?

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What is the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences? Discover the adventure.

Agent Books is an archivist, glorified librarian and cataloger of unusual artifacts, and Agent Braun is an unruly field agent who has trouble following rules. They have been naughty, and their superiors have demoted Agent Braun to the archives--Books and Braun are stuck with each other in the dank underground storage area that houses strange [...]

“Graceling”: Could Her Gift Be a Curse?

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Looking for a good YA fantasy novel to read this summer? Check out this review.

In Kristin Cashore’s YA fantasy book Graceling, certain people (those with two different colored eyes) are blessed or cursed, as the case may be, with superpower gifts. These gifts could be anything from cooking to killing people. Because their eyes give them away, it’s a little hard to hide who is graced and who is [...]

“All For One and One For All” Steampunk Style

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"All For One and One For All" Steampunk Style

This 2011 version of The Three Musketeers got panned by most critics, and I didn't see it back then because how many Three Musketeers movies do we need? Since I'm reviewing Steampunk movies this one beeped across my radar. If you are looking for a faithful, or near faithful, serious adaptation of Alexandre Dumas' novel, [...]

I Love It. I hate It. Red Rising

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I have a love, hate relationship with this book. On one level it's excellent, but on another, it needs a shot of feminist sensibility.

Just the other day, I was telling my daughter that I don’t like trilogies, but they seem to find me. A debut novel and the first book in a trilogy, Red Rising by Pierce Brown is a science fiction dystopian novel set on terraformed Mars. Dystopian novels abound and some people are getting tired of [...]