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Steampunk and Airships: Three Short Films

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Do you love airships? Steampunk? Short film you can watch in a couple minutes? Here are three good ones. This airship is by  James Margerum, visit his site here: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Airship-27864519

I have a vice that's amazingly entertaining, and it's a time-sucker, but I love it. YouTUBE. I take a break from my writing, browse the video's; I always find something intriguing. One of my most recent finds: Ariships, Steampunk, and short films for your viewing fun. I thought I'd share three of them with you. [...]

The Hero’s Journey (What Is Fantasy Part 4)

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Want to learn more about the hero's journey and traditional fantasy?

Joseph Campbell was an American scholar who studied and wrote about mythology. While still a young boy, Campbell became interested in storytelling and world myths. He followed this interest all of his life, and his writings and ideas have influenced and shaped our understanding of traditional fantasy. He is well known for defining the structure [...]

Confused About the Different Kinds Editing?

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Confused about the types of editing? Learn more . . .

A few weeks ago, I received an email from another writer, asking if I would explain the different kinds of editing/revision. Since editing and revision are essential to the writing process and some writers struggle with the breakdown, I decided to write a blog post addressing the kinds of edits. So, here’s the deal. If [...]

Harry Dresden: White Knight Complex, Magic Wielding, Fighter of Evil

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Want a fun past paced urban fantasy read? Check out the book review. This could be the read you're looking for.

I just finished Grave Peril Book #3 of the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. It's the best one so far. I wasn't sure if I was going to continue the series, but this one convinced me to keep going. There was a little too much religious talk, but since Dresden is a doubter, I can [...]

Traditional Fantasy (What is Fantasy Part 3)

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It all begins with "Once upon a time." Discover the roots of modern fantasy.

Traditional fantasy began as oral literature and has no known author. This literature includes folk and fairy tales, myths, legends, as well as creation and religious stories from around the world. Often we think traditional fantasy is for children; however, a genre of stories aimed specifically toward children is a more modern idea. Traditional fantasy [...]

Dragon Slippers By Jessica Day George

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Are you looking for a fun read for 9 to 12-year-olds?  Dragon Slippers is a fun, adventure story with a gutsy female protagonist.

I completely enjoyed Dragon Slipper by Jessica Day George. It's definitely a princess type story for girls who want spunky heroines and princesses. Creel, the protagonist, is charming, has a mind of her own, takes chances, and is fun. Girls between 9 and 14 will enjoy the book. Dragon Slippers is the first book in [...]

Fantasy: A Brief History (What is Fantasy? Part 2)

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A Brief History of Fantasy (What is Fantasy Part 2)

In the beginning there was Gilgamesh! In "What is Fantasy?" Part 1 post, I dance around the definition of fantasy. Defining fantasy is not as easy as it might seem. Unless, you are taking a test and have to recite a specific answer, most of us come up with our own definition. Another thing that [...]

What Is Fantasy? Part 1

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Love fantasy? Read about the genre. Andy Fairhurst is the artist. Check out his work @andyfairhurst.deviantart.com

When I taught children's and young adult literature classes, I always started the class by defining each discipline. Teaching children’s literature is the more challenging class because children’s literature encompasses preschool through middle school books—infants to 13 years—while YA literature covers 12 to 20 years. The challenge is to give students an overview and understanding [...]